About Us

What better time to teach the value of the Human Brain that when that organ is developing? 


At Know Where You Are, we believe that the Human Brain enables us to know for certain that we are significant, that we are connected to every other Human in this way, and that the Human Brain affords us the ability to appreciate, value and protect our species and environment.

About Ricky

Ricky took on a new life as "spokestray" to the generation most affected by our use of integrated circuitry--smart phones, tablets, car dashboard technology, you name it--Ricky and his recycled and renewed IC tray pals are helping to fulfill the needs of today's widely used devices.  Because of his vast experience as an IC tray who has really been "around the block",  Ricky enjoys his role as a contributor to society on matters of great concern to present and future generations.  With the help of Dennis Brown, Ricky stands ready to help send messages of social, environmental, and scientific awareness to everyone.