Book 1:

Know Where You Are

The first in a series of 12 books, Know Where You Are, Know What You Are explores the wonderful combination of our Solar System and our place as Homo sapiens within it.  It goes beyond simply explaining the composition of our Solar System and mechanics of our world by exploring the one thing that connects over 7 billion people -  the Human Brain.

Book 2:

The Human Brain

Book 2  takes a new look at the Human Brain by going beyond the mechanics of the Brain in a fun and interactive way!  This unique baby  board book shows the value of the Human Brain and emphasizes concepts and ideas that show how unique this wonderful organ is.

Book 3:

Your Mind

Thinking and Thought

The 3rd book in a series of 12, Your Mind: Thinking and Thought, explains the wonders of the relationship between your Mind and Thinking in a fun and innovative way through Ricky and the Know Where You Are kids - Cosmo, Luna, Nova, Phoenix, and Soleil!