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Phoenix is a math and music wiz!  He is always curious about how math fits in to everything around him.  Composing his own music from hip hop to classical is his second favorite thing to do!  Being with his Know Where You Are friends is first!

Follow Phoenix as he learns through play and exploration that there is music and math in everything around him!


Soleil is all about exploring.  She loves to conduct experiments to find out all about life - from the smallest cell to how our own bodies work.  She is interested in all things living!  She is not shy and her best friend Nova is always nearby to make her laugh.

Learn with Soleil as she comes up with experiments and ways to satisfy her curiosity about everything from ladybugs to Human Brains!


Nova is the social, outgoing member of the bunch. If there is fun to be had together, she's the one.  She is always ready to play, get the group together, or to make her best friend Soleil, laugh.

Soar with Nova to lead your friends to adventure and fun!  If you love to laugh or just need a shoulder to lean on, you can count on Nova!


Cosmo was meant to explore the Universe.  He knows everything about our solar system, planets, universe, and anything related to Space Exploration.  He also likes to golf and try new kinds of sports.

Come explore and play with Cosmo as he learns more about the stars in our sky!


Luna is a born leader.  She is always studying, reading, and is ambitious.  She loves her KWYA group of friends because she recognizes that they each have special gifts.

Knowledge is Luna's middle name!  Come with Luna as she finds new ways to grow, build, and learn.

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