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Childrens book author Dennis Brown

Los Angeles children’s book author of the KNOW WHERE YOU ARE KID SERIES, Dennis Brown, is a businessman and entrepreneur with 50 years of international experience in the recycling industry.


Through his vast global travels and his innate sense of curiosity, he has studied and concluded that the unique construction of the Human Brain is what makes us a rare and unbelievable species.

Find out more about the author and the children's book series in this

interview with actor, Wren Brown.

The Beginning - Ricky's Story

The Know Where You Are series prequel, The Beginning - Ricky’s Story is a prequel to the Know Where You Are series, and takes the reader on the journey of how "Ricky" came to be.  Most importantly, it introduces the moment when Ricky meets a special friend and shares with him a most amazing secret.  

know where you children's books
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