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These aren’t your ordinary board books…because the young people under your care are EXTRAordinary. As an educator, you understand perhaps more than anyone that your students deserve tools to navigate in a world that didn't exist even at the dawn of the century.


Each book in the series teaches factual concepts to children and their parents while integrating lessons that emphasize Social and Emotional Learning. Through engaging stories and relatable characters, the Know Where You Are series provides a tangible, visual tool that will allow the reader to fully absorb and practice SEL concepts.


For students in elementary and middle school who are reading below grade level, the books are an excellent way to build skills and comprehension through the act of reading aloud to younger students. This natural exercise enables them to value themselves and others, creating a reciprocal learning experience, while instilling key concepts.

The Know Where You Are book series has been approved by the State of California for its Social-Emotional Learning content. Against the backdrop of the educational environment, the series communicates to young readers in an engaging way that they are significant, that they are connected to every other Human, and that their Human Brain affords them the ability to appreciate, value, and protect our species and our environment.


Ultimately, we want all of our young readers to feel uplifted with a sense of awe as they discover their place in our solar system, the power of their own human brain, and the wonderment of being a part of the human species.

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