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know where you are childrens books


The Human Brain is the most powerful thing in the universe.  It is like the hardware of a computer.  


We couldn’t know this until we were able to review human accomplishments over the last 150 years.  Everyone of us has one.  It is our species.  That makes us all members of the same “club”.  It is what we are.  


Our human brain is WHAT we are.  Our mind, our thinking, and our feelings are WHO  we are.  As the human brain is likened to hardware, our mind, our thinking, and our feelings are our “software”.  Know Where You Are promotes a “software upgrade” that will motivate and inspire our species, providing a more enlightened view of each other as fellow humans.  Humanity.  Community. 

Know Where You Are children's book series goals are to - 



By teaching the ABC’s for the 21st Century -  thirty-two concepts which affect every human intellectually, socially, and emotionally to help people of all ages navigate a world that is defined by rapid social change. 



To spark interest in our human brains relationship to the physical universe, and our unique ability to identify ourselves, and to define and defend our environment.



To provide information that will upgrade our software - our thinking - with the goal of improving our relationship with each other, community, and humanity.  

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