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Using examples and scenarios that will resonate with most kids and their families, Book 7 delves into the importance of checking to see if information is factual. Through thoughtful conversations and a little humor, The Know Where You Are kids learn to "Think, Question, and Talk" as they see the different ways information has been accessed through history, and the responsibility we all have to pass it along in a manner that preserves the facts. Although all of our books are for all "kids" ages zero to 110, this book is ideal for emerging readers ages 6 and up. All of the books in the Know Where You series communicates to young readers in an engaging way that they are significant, that they are connected to every other Human, and that their Human Brain affords them the ability to appreciate, value, and protect our species and our environment. Ultimately, we want all of our young readers to feel uplifted with a sense of awe as they discover their place in our solar system, the power of their own human brain, and the wonderment of being a part of the human species. All books in the Know Where You Are series are certified by the California Department of Education for meeting the criteria for Social and Emotional Learning standards

Book 7 - Fact

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