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This colorful set includes books 7,8, and 9 of the 22 Know Where You Are book series - Fact, Critical Thinking, and Technology. The series communicates to young readers in an engaging way that they are significant, that they are connected to every other Human, and that their Human Brain affords them the ability to appreciate, value, and protect our species and our environment. Books 7,8, and 9 are appropriate for young readers in grades 4-8. All Know Where You Are books are certified by the California Department of Education for meeting Social and Emotional Learning standards. FACTS - Using examples and scenarios that will resonate with most kids and their families, Book 7 delves into the importance of checking to see if information is factual. Through thoughtful conversations and a little humor, The Know Where You Are kids learn to "Think, Question, and Talk" as they see the different ways information has been accessed through history, and the responsibility we all have to pass it along in a manner that preserves the facts. Critical Thinking - The Know Where You Are kids are reporters on a mission as they travel to Washington, DC. They use their Critical Thinking skills to see beyond opinions and emotions to get to the facts. With empathy, humor, and Ricky, they ultimately learn the importance of taking personal responsibility for thinking critically. Technology - The Know Where You Are kids take a field trip to "Technology Park" where Phoenix's Dad works in the laboratory. Along with some new friends, they see the impact of Technology on nearly every aspect of their lives. Tour guides Nikki and Langston take them on a tour with a few twists and turns, and a little help from Ricky. The kids learn to appreciate the value of the Human Brain-the most powerful "hardware" in the universe.

Book Set - Books 7,8,9

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